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Artistes Showreels – Acts Videos & Publicity Photos

Shout Promotions highly recommend Olibo Film & Photography for Artistes Showreels – Acts Videos & Publicity Photos.

Over 80% of the professional videos on this site are from the Olibo Studios in Oldham, Manchester. There is a very simple reason for this, they are so much better than anything else out there.

Sure, there are a few other video companies but there are so many bad ones. We have been using and recommending Olibo for over 5 years now and the Artistes that had invested in an Olibo Showreel have seen their bookings and profits increase.

Many acts that have a video done at Olibo reep instant rewards and often return for second and third videos!

One of the benifits for many Singers and certainly for Shout as an Agency that they can also produce exceptional Publicity Photographs too, all on the same day.

Shout Promotions do not take bookings or commisions from Olibo so you will need to contact them yourselves by clicking this link, OliBo Film and Photography