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Bagpipers for Hire – Weddings – Funerals

Wedding Pipers For Hire

A beautiful start to your day to be serenaded by one of the UK’s oldest instruments. Scottish pipers are as popular today as they have ever been and if your looking for a piper for hire, we have a selection of professional pipers with a range of costumes and songs.

Wedding music would not be complete without the sound of the Piper. Pipers are not just for a Scottish wedding, indeed our Pipers can play Irish Piper music too.

The piper is a Scottish music tradition now popular all over the UK. A piper can perform alone of with a band, we have a great selection of Irish and Scottish Pipers for hire for all special occasions. If your looking for a highland bagpiper for hire, were here to help.

Pipe Major Peter Doyal


Bagpipers for Hire - Weddings - Funerals


Alan Gagan

Piper Elliot


The Bagpiper you book will be happy to discuss the tunes you require at your event. At the moment the pipers we use are North West based.


Any reference to Scottish Pipers or Irish Pipers does not necessarily mean the is Scottish or Irish in nationality. The reference is to their style of dress and the performance of music that is traditional to the respective country.

Bagpipers for Hire – Weddings – Funerals