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Dance Heads – Fun for Parties & Promotions

Dance Heads - Fun for Parties & PromotionsDance Heads – Fun for Parties & Promotions

Dance Heads – are here, fantastic for both weddings, promotions, parties and corporate events.

Danceheads aka Dancing Heads – is a fully interactive, high fun level, brand new form of entertainment that will make your event the talk of the town for many years to come. Its easy to use, comes with a technician and provides hours of fun, laughter and memories.

‘DANCE HEADS’ by the use of ‘GREEN SCREEN TECNOLOGY’ allows all the guests at a party to become POP Stars in their very own Video –with Hilarious results! All they have to do is pretend to sing and nod their heads,we do all the rest by ‘MAGIC’ .

We transform their bodies into famous Celebrities like –GA GA,BEYONCE,BLACK EYED PEAS,VILLAGE PEOPLE,GLORIA GAYNOR etc etc.

The song list is endless with music from Elvis Presley and James Brown right up to Beyonce and Lady Ga Ga.Every track’s a ‘Classic’.

Once recorded all participants receive a personal DVD to take home to show their family and friends and re live the experience ! We also include a Master copy of everyone for the organizer.

Dance Heads Video

Dance Heads Photo Gallery

Want to know more about the Dance Heads…

Dance Heads is the most exciting entertainment system to come out of the USA in recent years. It offers the participants the chance to become dancers in music videos, specially designed for Dance Heads, to some of the most well known pop songs of all time. Using green screen technology, we superimpose members of the public’s heads onto professional dancer’s bodies with hilarious results. All songs are original recordings, licensed by Dance Heads for reproduction.

All recordings of this “fantastic experience” are recorded onto a DVD allowing the participants to relive their magic moment over and over in the comfort of their own home, and to the laughter of their friends and family.

The unit is self contained .In addition to the green screen equipment and recording equipment, the Dance Heads unit is fully equipped with amplifier and speakers and LCD monitors to allow spectators to appreciate the full Dance Heads experience and laugh along with the performers.

Dance Heads is a fully interactive concept providing entertainment to all participants and other members of the public who simply want to view.
Dance Heads in England

Dance Heads has been in England now for over a year and is making waves within the corporate entertainment, bar mitzvah and private party circuit with high profile clients including OK magazine , BP , Coca Cola , Boots , Chelsea F.C , BBC , MTV awards , American Express , Microsoft , John Lewis , T Mobile , McDonalds to name but a few.
Corporate & Social Events

Do you want to create an event that your client/guests will never forget?

Dance Heads is the hottest event entertainment sensation that keeps guests of all ages entertained and asking for more.

From smaller more intimate celebrations to larger corporate gatherings we will make your event come alive.

Wherever it’s booked Dance Heads creates overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses from event guests-no one has ever seen anything like it !
Dance Heads Technical Information

As previously mentioned Dance Heads is self contained. All we require is an area of approx 4m x 4m floor space to set up the studio which should be against a wall or in a corner. We also require access to two 240v electric sockets and an area away from loud music (if possible).

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss an arrangement that would best suit you, Dance Heads and your clientele.

We can promise that whatever the occasion or reason for hiring Dance Heads- it will create a lasting memory for all concerned.
FAQ – About The Dance Heads

How much space does Dance Heads require?

Dance Heads is approximately 10’ wide x 15’ deep and will need some additional space for crowds to gather.

Will we need special electrical outlets?

No, Dance Heads will run off an average 20 amp circuit.

Can Dance Heads be set up outside?

Yes but we would need a completely shaded area or a 10’ x 20’ tent.

How many people can participate in an hour?

Dance Heads can accommodate approximately 30 to 50 individuals per hour or 10 to 17 groups.

Can Dance Heads only do groups of 3?

No, all of the songs can be done with either 1,2 or 3 people and each has about 9 different combinations (i.e. all women,1 man 2 women etc…)

Do you offer big screen projection or large plasma screens?

Yes, all Dance Heads units can be connected to a big screen projector or plasma for additional charge adding to the crowds viewing pleasure.

We are having a large event with over 2000 attendees, how many people can 1 Dance Heads unit accommodate?

Depending on how many other activities are being offered at the event, on average 1 unit can service a 4-hour event with approximately 300 to 500 guests. We highly recommend multiple units for events with 500 guests or more or limited time frames.
Any more Questions about The Danceheads – please Email us, or complete the enquiry form on the right.


Be the first of your friends to book the Dance Heads, competitive rates..

Recent Hi- Profile events we have taken this too are;





And the DUKE OF WESTMINSTER has just booked it for his Xmas party this year– Can’t get better than that !

All ‘performers’ receive a ‘free’ copy of their recording to take home immediately and the organiser of the event receives a complimentary Master copy of all participants on one disc.

An ideal place to have this event would be in a separate room from the main Ballroom/Function Suite, possibly in a Foyer or Bar area.It then separates the noise from the Disco/Band and is a great form of alternative entertainment.The later the event,the funnier it becomes,where MEN insist on going on as WOMEN [very funny]

You have no doubt seen the PHOTO BOOTH [which is great], but this event leaves that standing, as it is far more interactive and funnier.The only people that have fun with the Photo Booth are those in the booth itself.Whereas with Danceheads, you can have ’3’ people ‘performing’,whilst everyone else is watching and laughing !!

Don’t forget also we have the fantastic 6m x 3m VISION CURTAIN [demo attached].This is great for both weddings and corporate events as we can light up the Bride and Grooms names or Company logo.