Rock'n'Roll Roadshow Tribute Night - Ryan Ireland

50’s & 60’s Tribute Night | The Rock’n’Roll Roadshow – Ryan Ireland

A tribute to the music of the 50’s rock and role classics and 60’s superstars..

About The Act

Rock'n'Roll Roadshow Tribute Night - Ryan Ireland THE ROCK’N’ROLL ROADSHOW –

50’s/60’s Tribute Night

Ryan Ireland has become a well known and much loved entertainer on the circuit all across the North West of England and beyond. Hailing from southern Ireland but based over in the UK for last four years his vocal talents, personality and charm has made him a popular choice for Weddings, Party Nights, Special Occasions, Hotels, Pubs and Clubs.

Ryan’s newest show “The Rock’n’Roll Roadshow” is a tribute to the music of the 50’s and 60’s performed in his energetic style with great vocal delivery. He includes covers of songs from solo icons such as Elvis, Buddy Holly, Cliff, Roy Orbison and hit groups such as The Four Seasons, The Beatles and The Monkees. Of course the show is staged with a backdrop, stage lighting, props and costumed for an authentic feel so its a colourful, visual and fast paced 60 minute show.

As with most tribute nights the first set would be the “Rock’n’Roll Roadshow” (lasts 60 mins) and the second set would be a general mix of party songs and dance spot to continue the party (approx 45-50 mins).


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Rock’n’Roll Roadshow